Chevy Volt 2015 - my experience with a PHEV

Taking possession on March 27, 2015


This picture was taken by Patrick Bérubé, sales advisor at Boulevard Chevrolet in Rimouski.

Installation of new breakers in my house's electrical panel


You will need to hire a professional electrician in order to install the new breakers that are required for the level 2 charger in your house's electrical panel. 

Level 2 charging station: 240V, 30A, 7.2kW


I strongly recommend that you install a level 2 charging station at your home with these characteristics:

  • 240 volts
  • 30 amps
  • 7.2 kW

With this charging station, the time required for a full charge of my Volt 2015 dropped from 14 hours to merely 3.5 hours!

Home charging


I charge my PHEV's battery from the comfort of home, as does nearly every PHEV or EV owner. By so doing, I do not normally use the PUBLIC charging stations belonging to The Electric Circuit that are located in Rimouski.

Personal blog post

Chevy Volt 2015 gas consumption statistics for the Canadian winter


2018-07-17 In this blog post, I calculated gas consumption statistics for each season, based on EXACTLY three full years of ownership of my VOLT 2015.

Perspectives and opinions


2017-11-29 Shining light on lithium batteries environmental impact


David Suzuki sets the record straight on the environmental impacts of lithium batteries. While their environmental impact is not negligible, the overall environmental impact of internal combustion engines remains far greater.  

Useful links

Provincial incentive programs in Canada

British Columbia's Clean Energy Vehicle Program (CEVforBC)

Quebec's Electric Vehicle Program

Ontario's Electric Vehicle Incentive Program (EVIP) 

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